Is Firefighting Portrayed Accurately On TV?

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Firefighting as an entire profession and career has not really been portrayed accurately on television. Firefighters have been accurately portrayed in limited roles performing some single job duty. These instances mostly limit firefighters to a supporting role and often include all firefighters as a monolithic character that only serves the advance the main story. A few crime shows and procedural dramas actually go to great lengths to show firefighters accurately working to stop fires or rescue individuals in a single scene. Unfortunately, these scenes rarely last more than ( More … )

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How To Train To Become A Firefighter

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In the last decade, more people have found the career of firefighting to be attractive. Firefighters are viewed as heroes who make a difference every day in the lives of people everywhere. However, this career requires that people perform above and beyond typical fitness standards. People who want to become a firefighter may need to do some preliminary training before applying for a position.

Firefighters are required to carry substantial amounts of weight on their backs. Their air tanks, hoses, and other equipment can weigh as much as an ordinary man. ( More … )

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Making A Fire Safety Plan For Your Family

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Keeping your home and family safe is always your first priority. One way to do this is to set up a fire safety plan that your entire family can follow. Although most people have discussed what to do in case of a fire, they may not have given enough thought to what would happen in a true emergency. If you are ready to make a fire safety plan for your family, then here is what you need to do to keep everyone safe.

First, you will need to make sure that everyone knows what ( More … )

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Testing Your Smoke Alarm

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Since the 1920s, the increased use of smoke detectors in homes has led to a decline of deaths due to smoke inhalation and unintentional fires. However, homeowners often neglect their smoke alarms by forgetting to change the batteries or by not performing a routine test to make sure that the system still works. Testing your smoke alarms is not only a simple process, but one that could save your life.

First, make sure that all family members know that you will ( More … )

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Amazing Tales Of Heroic Firefighters

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It was a windy day in Chicago, but people were enjoying the warm weather by Lake Michigan. Fireman Steve O’Malley was working on his boat.

Suddenly he heard frantic screams of, “My baby, my baby!” A young couple had been walking along the pier with their toddler in a stroller. A gust of wind blew the stroller off the pier and into the lake.

O’Malley saw the child’s father jump into the lake, and he followed. The stroller was in the ( More … )

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Ten Traits Every Firefighter Should Possess

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Firefighting can be an exciting and rewarding career if you are the right fit for the job. If you have thought about entering the hazardous profession, here are some characteristics that you should have.

1) Compassion

The primary goal of a firefighter is to rescue people from fires and other emergency situations. Saving lives can be a very grueling job, and you will not be able to do it well if you don’t have true compassion for others. Only those who really care for the well-being of strangers will be able to do firefighting with a passion.Get more information here.

2) Bravery

Running into a burning building is not something that anybody can do. If you are willing to risk your life to save one, you will make a great firefighter.

3) Honesty

Since first responders are well-respected in society, many people will put their full trust in you. You should show them the same respect by abiding by the morals and code of conduct expected of firefighters.

4) Loyalty

Firefighters are like brothers with the same purpose in life. They develop close-knit bonds to their comrades and have their backs whenever somebody is in need. Always treat a fellow firefighter like family.

5) Friendliness

Victims of fires and other disasters are going to be frightened. It is important to be warm and helpful to those in need. Being friendly also makes it easier to work with other firefighters and emergency personnel.

6) Physical Strength

Breaking down doors, lifting heavy equipment, and carrying victims to safety all require you to be very physically fit.

7) Mental Strength

Firefighting can be very grim sometimes. You may experience injury and even death on occasion. The job puts constant stress on the mind because your life is always on the line.

8) Agility

Bad things can happen very fast during emergencies. Your body must be able to respond accordingly.

9) Quick Thinking

Responding to an emergency effectively is both a physical and mental process. Keep your mind sharp.

10) Good Communication Skills

Whether it’s interviewing bystanders or giving commands to your fellow firefighters, adt home security upper james hamilton, you must be able to speak clearly and effectively.

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